Collection S2 Game HeadPhone $29.99
FEATURES produces powerful bass, warm, natural vocals and precision highs. Powerful, bass driven stereo sound, Low mass, wide-bandwidth driver Studio-tuned sound with crystal clarity and deep bass. Based on geometric structure of ear, naturally match your ear canals and less likely to fall out. Soft silicone ear buds engineered to create a The unique flexible lightweight design, snug and secure, interchangeable ear tips (with additional 3 pairs of eartips included) allows for a quality and comfortable fit for greater stability. one is the normal way by placing the R&L earbuds in the right position and let the wire falling free; another way is placing the R&L eartips in “the opposite position”: put the wire over and behind your ears, then push the eartips tightly into your ear for optimal performance, finally adjust the eartips and wire to your comfort and enjoy the music.